Winter Full Coverage Foundation Routine

So yo girl has hella skin problems literally all year around because my skin goes haywire when the weather decides to be schizophrenic af. During the summer time, I’m combination oily, which means that I use a completely different technique to achieve flawless foundation. The products are different, the base (aka my skin) is different, which means I’m constantly changing! Its so frustrating! I decided (since it’s literally -8 degrees below freezing today) to film my full coverage foundation routine for the winter/colder times of the year.

So, if you guys have been watching me on my channel for a while, you know that my skin changes literally every season of the year. It’s super frustrating because I’m constantly changing products to tailor to the condition of my skin. Since the weather has been severely schizophrenic, my skin has never been as dry as it is now. I’ve had to use products that I normally wouldn’t ever touch!

What I’ve been doing is using an oil underneath my moisturizer/primer. Then I use a hydrating/glowy foundation as my base, and contour and highlight using cream products. As you can see in my video, I don’t set my entire face with translucent powder. That’s because I want certain areas on my face not to be covered by powder and only set by the things they need to be set by. Does that make sense? I use extra highlighter to make my skin appear super glowy and healthy! I hope some of these techniques are helpful. Check out the product list down below for product details and brush dupes that I’ve also included!

Here is the video that I posted on my youtube channel!



|P R O D U C T| list

☽ farsali gold elixir oil
♢ link to farsali oil:
☽ clinique pep start moisturizer
☽ makeup forever hd foundation
☽ nars creamy concealer
☽ iconic london cream contour kit
♢ link to the specific kit I used in this video:
☽ laura mercier translucent powder
☽ benefit hoola bronzer
☽ mac melba blush
☽ anastasia beverly hills x nicole guerriero glow kit
♢ this is sold out online, but if you have a local sephora or ulta store that sells ABH, definitely ask if they have it in stock at the store
♢ link to this glow kit:

|B R U S H| list – save your money and buy cheaper alternatives!

☽ my hands LOL
☽ anastasia beverly hill beauty sponge (limited edition macy’s exclusive)
. ♢ inexpensive alternative: l’oreal artist foundation blender
. ♢ link to l’oreal sponge:
☽ mac #191
. ♢ inexpensive alternative: morphe m150
. ♢ link to morphe brush:
☽ mac #130
. ♢ inexpensive alternative: cmorphe m436 (practically identical)
. ♢ link to morphe brush:
☽ elf blush brush
. ♢ LITERALLY ONE OF MY FAVE BRUSHES EVER – used to set under eye
. ♢ link to elf brush:
☽ sephora brush (unknown model/name + limited edition)
. ♢ inexpensive alternative: morphe e55 (closest I could find)
. ♢ link to morphe brush:
☽ mac #116
. ♢ inexpensive alternative: elf mineral brush
. ♢ link to morphe brush:
☽ mac #168 blush brush
. ♢ inexpensive alternative: morphe m405
. ♢ link to morphe brush:
☽ morphe m509 highlighting brush
. ♢ link to morphe brush:

Rise & slay babes




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