Pink Floyd + Burgundy Lips | March 2017 Boxycharm Unboxing + First Impressions

I was not even taking my makeup serious today. I did a simple eye, popped on some lashes, added a bold lip to match my shirt, and vuuaahlaaa, you’ve got yourself a quick, put-together look. I was kind of surprised as to how much I liked it because I truly BSed it LOL! I used the Carli Bybel x BH Cosmetics eyeshadow palette, the Becca Cosmetics Sunchase palette (which made this SO fast and easy, because my blush, bronzer, AND highlight were all in one place), Black Magic Lashes in Luminara, and Montenegro by Amrezy x Lipland Cosmetics. Taaa-da!


More photos are on my Instagram page:

The reason why I did such a quick and easy look (and this look is super similar to the one I wore in my beginner’s techniques videos a while back), was because I wanted to film a video for you all unboxing/giving my first impressions of the March 2017 Boxycharm that had literally just came in earlier today. This was something that I’ve never included on my channel before and I had SO MUCH FUN filming it. So even though I asked you guys if you’d want to keep seeing them, I think I’m going to start filming them anyway, LOL! Here it is down below. Let me know what you think!


I am obsessed with the RealHer cosmetics products I got. I low-key kind of want all of the shades in this line – #NotASponseredPost. The lipstick does apply very differently from what I’m used, and it feels different from what I’m used to. Almost like a film over my lips. The lip pencil is GREAT. It’s definitely long wearing. Not PERMAMNENT, but long wearing. These products are seriously amazing; they promote women empowerment with affirmations on their products, AND they donate proceeds to the AAUW? Oh wait, ANDDD they’re cruelty-free and natural…. AND THEY HAVE LIP KITS!? SIGN ME UP HONTEEEY!

These pictures were taken directly from their website: | Check it out if you want to learn more about their brand! (PS: this was not a sponsored post).

Did you get the March 2017 Boxycharm? What was your favorite item in the box?

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2 thoughts on “Pink Floyd + Burgundy Lips | March 2017 Boxycharm Unboxing + First Impressions

  1. Hey Christine! Loved watching your video and hearing you are loving RealHer Makeup! I am obsessed with your looks!!

    – April, PR Manager RealHer Makeup

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