What I learned from my Dad’s accident

Today is definitely more of a “life” post. I filmed kind of a “vlog” style video on my current situation with my family, and let. me. tell. you., it’s been the worst rollercoaster ride of an experience that I’ve ever experienced.

Here’s the video if you want all the details. It’s long, but it is what it is.

Anyway. I talk about the things that this experience has taught me. Although it was under the worst circumstances, I feel as though I have truly been enlightened. My eyes have been open to things that I never thought I would’ve been able to “see” otherwise. I truly don’t believe in coincidences; I believe that things in life happen for a reason. Down to the nitty-gritty. The emotional rollercoaster that this experience has caused me to ride has not only taught me to face my fears, but also understand more about myself that I feel like I never knew before. It sounds dramatic, but let me explain.

I’ve learned that I need to stick up for myself more.
I’ve learned that always being nice isn’t always benefiting me in my best interest.
I’ve learned that life is too short and that I shouldn’t be wasting my time complaining.
I’ve learned that I need to be more confident in my decisions and to trust myself more.
I’ve learned that I can’t just sit around hoping for things to change when I’m not taking action.

There’s so much more that I’ve learned about myself. I’ve been able to think about experiences that I’ve had in the past where I’ve had similar issues and understand why the outcome was always the same. The common denominator was me. Coming to terms with that has allowed me to change the way I think and reprogram my mind. It has allowed me to practice thinking before I speak (which is so important by the way) and it has allowed me to be more vocal and honest with myself and others.

So, with that being said. The last thing that I’ve learned in the last 6 months is to really just step back and look at the big picture. We can all sometimes be so stuck in our heads that we forget to see the big picture, and it’s so beyond important to so that we aren’t stuck in this tunnel vision perspective.

Growth is key. Look for it, and learn from it.

Rise & slay babes



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