The Importance of Changing Your Space

I woke up one day a few weeks ago feeling uninspired as hell. I was sick of my messy bedroom, I hated the way I felt in it, I constantly woke up in back pain. I called one of my best friends (who is an amazing organizer LOL) and asked her for her help. I felt so lost in my own bedroom. Long story short, I ended up revamping my space and I don’t think that I’ve ever felt so happy to wake up in my bedroom. It’s not super fancy, but it’s totally me. I wake up excited to start my day and inspired to start my day. (I wrote a mini blog post about it here)

I was so in love with the feeling that I decided that it was time to revamp my glam room. My glam room was an absolute mess. I was embarrassed when people would walk in for their appointments, I hated being in there to do my own makeup and film youtube videos, and I didn’t even care to keep it as clean as possible all the time because nothing had its home.

knew that something needed to change.


So I asked my twin sister, who has the biggest knack for interior design, to help me put together the aesthetic/vision that I had for this room. I came up with black, white, and grey with tiny accents of gold here and there. Classic, chic, and glam.

I was so excited to get started. Out with the old & in with the new. Literally. All of my stuff in my beauty room with used until limbs were falling off. My desk was broken, my makeup storage was broken, it was all so awful. It was the most uninspiring place to be in, when the sole purpose of that space was to be inspiring.


Which leads me to my point…

If you are feeing uninspired, and you don’t have the $$$ (like myself) to literally change the place which you live in, CHANGE. YOUR. SPACE. Ask yourself, does this space motivate me? Does it make me feel depressed? Does it give me no feeling at all? Asking yourself these questions are so important.

Your surroundings will speak for themselves. Like I mentioned before with my old furniture and a messy bedroom that I barely saw the floor in, it is an external reflection of something much deeper. If there’s clutter surrounding you, you may be internally cluttered as well. Take a minute to think about it. Are you cluttered with emotion, thoughts, and feelings that are hindering you? It can easily express itself through your space.


Here’s another little tip. Think about the purpose of the room you want to revamp. Are you working in it? Is it supposed to be an inspiring place? Is it a room where you want people to feel welcome and invited? Is it an area that you just want to reflect your own personal style and personality?

When you assign a space its purpose, things become a whole lot easier. I knew that this glam room was a place where I no only wanted to feel inspired, but a place where I wanted to feel productive. I am an aspiring entrepreneur (well, I am one, I’d just like to be a very successful one) and organization, responding to emails, budgeting, journaling, scheduling, etc. etc. are now becoming a part of my daily routine. This is the space that I would want to be in to do all of those things. (Side note: this is where my laptop case is from).


Now lets get to the nitty gritty. The details. I’m still working on this. Mind you, the glam room looks absolutely stunning to me, but I’m still working out a little bit of the details. But that’s okay. The first thing I threw out was my ugly black desk from IKEA and I purchased my new desk, which by the way, was a bitch to put together *shout out to my best friends for helping me*. It was affordable, gorgeous, and you can ROTATE IT! Check out the link and you’ll see what I mean, BUT be warned, if you’re not an IKEA assembling guru, you might want to find someone who is, because the instructions to build this desk are practically non-existant. To say the least, we felt like geniuses after we finished assembling it, LOL!

I love the fact that it has open shelving. I personally love open shelving because it gives you space to showcase your personality or decorate the shelves to make them look aesthetically pleasing.


After assembling my desk, shit was everywhere. So what was next? I went ahead and snagged myself the basic bitch Alex Drawers from IKEA because every youtube has to have them, right? LOL! I stole some cute chairs that my fam had laying around the house that weren’t being used and they fit perfectly with my aesthetic. I decorated the chairs with two 18 x 18 pillows and bought shaggy pillow cases for them.

The lamp in the background was from Marshalls, and I hopped into this store called At Home with my sister and that place is lit with interior decorating! I was in heaven. I bout my pen holder, case & fake flowers, small rug, and oil defuser from this place, and it is SO affordable. You’re welcome.


So that concludes my blog post on the revamp of my glam room. But seriously. Do yourself a favor and pick a room to revamp. Order stuff off of amazon, go shopping at Marshall’s/Home Goods/TJ MAXX/At Home or any other interior decorating place that has amazing prices. You don’t need to buy all of your shit from Z Gallerie. Why would I buy an $800 desk, when I can buy one for $170? Why would I buy two pillows for $75 each when I can buy two with cute pillow cases for less than $20-$30 each? YA DON’T NEED IT. 

I promise you, changing your space will greatly improve your mental health. You’ll begin to feel more inspired and you’ll want to take on the day like a fucking boss.



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Professional Makeup Artist & YouTube Beauty Vlogger. I am an aspiring entrepreneur with big dreams and goals!

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