All About Lip Fillers!

Ladies! Let’s talk about lip filler!

I filmed a more in-depth youtube video about my experience with getting lip fillers done (my second time ever) and wanted to give you guys a go to place to be able to see the images of my healing process!

I have to start this blog post by saying that I am by no means a medical professional, nor am I an expert on injectables, but I did want to share this experience with you all!

I was given the amazing opportunity to work with Yasmin & Aubry at Younger Image in Vienna, Virginia to try out Restylane injections in my lips. Dr. Yousefi and the team were so welcoming and made my entire experience comfortable and enjoyable.

I had tried out Juvederm injections for the first time in my lips in early September of 2017. I would have given the results and experience a 4/5. It wasn’t a 5/5 for several reasons. I formed a couple of lumps in my lips due to the injections not being fully smoothed out, the experience itself was mediocre, but I was excited for my first time!

The second time around, I was more educated by the team, was given suggestions, and ended up loving my end results. Here is a slideshow of my healing progress:

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Day 1: Immediate results, slightly more protruding lips, & instant fullness!

Day 2: Major swelling, soreness, and bruising at it’s prime. Needed lots of ice on this day.

Day 3: Swelling has improved, lips are not as red, and protrusion has mellowed down.

Days 4-7: The ultimate result! Loving the way my lips healed; bruising is insignificant and lips are not swollen.

The main FAQ’s include the following:

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Depending on the location and area of practice, generally speaking prices can run from anywhere between $500-$2,000! Keep in mind, it also depends on what kind of injectables you’re getting and the amount.

Q: Does it hurt?
A: You can ask (and usually will be) numbed with a numbing cream 15-20 minutes before your session.

Q: How long do injections last?
A: Depending on the person, anywhere from 4-9 months. Factors like smoking can determine how fast your body metabolizes the filler which can effect their longevity.

Q: What’s the difference between Restylane and Juvederm injections?
A: There are many websites that claim that there are differences and that there aren’t any differences between the two, however, from my personal experience, I can definitely see and feel a difference. Restylane feels a bit firmer and gives me a “plumper” effect to my lips. I cannot speak to the longevity of Restylane injections as this is my first time trying it!

Q: What do I do about the swelling?
A: ICE ICE BABY. Icing is the best way to help sooth swelling. Not only that, but eating fruit like Pineapple, which already has anti-inflammatory properties, or taking over the counter Arcina.

Q: How long does the swelling typically last?
A: Depending on the person, it can last anywhere from 48 hours to 7 days! From my experience, my first time getting injectables was rough, taking me 5 days for the swelling to calm down. The second time around, it only took 3 days! You also have to take into consideration what you are doing to help aid healing.

Q: Can I put makeup on my face after having injectables?
A: YES! After most injectables, it is absolutely safe to put on makeup immediately after your procedure!

I hope that this post was helpful to some of you!

Don’t forget to check out my YouTube video on this topic if you want some more in-depth information about my experience.

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